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I'm Going to Publish a Game This Year (Probably).

A bad AI generated image of a group of dinosaurs celebrating the new year.

It’s a new year and that means a new chance to tell ourselves new lies, and some old ones too. My big lie this year is that I’m going to publish a game, something I’ve been meaning to do for many years now.

I’ve not been entirely without success, depending on how you measure success of course. I’ve released a couple of games on Android in the past - a couple of flashcard games in 2016/2017 which were kind of learning games for children for learning food, animals, and some other stuff. I didn’t keep up with them and a bunch of changes to Android meant they got unpublished eventually, which is kind of ok because they weren’t very good. “Submarine Escape” came after that which was a… side scrolling game where you controlled a submarine and had to collect good stuff and avoid bad stuff. It also wasn’t very good either.

I do have one “game” that’s still published somewhere - Prehistoric Planning Poker available on this very website! This might be stretching the definition of “game” a bit too far given that it’s a tool more than a game, but it does have rules, an end state, and I added a cheat code too (type ‘catmode’ on any screen for a treat!) which I think just about pushes it over the line.

Oh and I definitely shouldn’t forget my little algorithm game or “coding challenge”. I wrote about that a while ago but never followed up, so I’ll do a proper post about it for the 9 people a month that somehow find their way here. But yes, I finished Dino Dinner Bidding Battle, and we played it at work. It was ok. But now I want to try my hand at some proper interactive games, that are more than just buttons (maybe).

I’ve started many more projects since the early days and always ended up abandoning them for one reason or another, usually because it ended up being a lot more work than you might expect. Additionally, I’ve really enjoyed chasing the trends - Hollow Knight had me start creating my own Metroidvania in Unity (back when Unity was cool), that being difficult (and playing Celeste) moved my ambitions onto a tight 2D platformer. I abandoned that after Vampire Survivors (well, Boneraiser Minions mostly) and I started chasing after that reverse bullet-hell type game. Funnily enough, also difficult. This was when Unity went decidedly uncool with their license changes, which necessitated a migration to Godot.

Anyway rather than trying to learn my lesson and finishing something, I’m going to start something new this year - but I’m going for an Incremental/Idle game this time, which might be a bit smarter. Why smarter? Because in theory they’re a lot easier to develop, which means I might finish. And they’re not quite as trendy, so I won’t feel like I’m missing out by waiting too long.

I half expect this to be the first and last time I talk about this given past experience, but maybe there’s something special about this time?